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School Has Started!

2009-09-11 07:13:02 by kirbyfighter12

Well now that my last year of school has started i cant put as much time as i used to in my Music Making.


I am going to Attempt to make a sprite video. Only one probelm. I dont know of any other software other than Macromedia Flash MX 2004. To Animate, If there are simpler software please let me know.
If i cant find one, I'll probably do the animation Image by Image in Microsoft paint, Put it in moviie maker, then have to Change it to a flash from a WMV.

If anyone knows of any other software than MAcromedia Flash MX 2004. Please let me know.

If its Done frame by frame it'll take a while. Probably about 2-4 months depending upon homework v free time


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