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See Ya

2011-07-12 07:05:31 by kirbyfighter12

Hey Hey- I left the password AS IS aka (OBVIOUS) to make You (Beatrice) Feel dumb? Did you not facepalm after so many attempts?
Well Seeing as how some of the newgrounds community Can be so Idiotic )ex. Stalking - Lame Trolling - ex. (
BEATRICE I hope you spent that time you could've spent OUTSIDE or perhaps WITH FRIENDS but showing the audacity of what you did kinda proves stuff, read below if you please
I will move on. (To BEATRICE) you said how you had a life,
YET Look you
1- Stalked Me to NO END
2- Had the time to delete 200+ Songs (Rofl No social Life)
3- Think you are some sort of god (Usually internet Snobs have no life and are pathetic and weak, and when ignored they resort to something as childish as going into one's account and deleting stuff.)
4- Had the time to write all the bullshit (Which wasn't really worth reading, it was all old stuff same stuff you say over and over, get some new content.)
5- Had the time to Re-configure my entire profile probably sending E-mails to all people saying crap (Most likely)
The Funny part, this is just an account. This is the internet, what was done here today was something a /b/utthurt person would do. I mean seriously, it took BEATRICE that fucking long to guess a "SIMPLE PASSWORD" I question it's IQ.
Well as they say on the internet,
"Later bro, Peace"

BTW = What now? BEATRICE, *hairflip* UMAD BRO? Y U MAD?
---------------See you on the flipside, BITCHATRICE :D

Good day, you ooooooooaf. Do you remember me? I wouldn't be surprised if I had slipped your goldfish memory by now. Goodness, it's been so long since we last spoke, dearest Kevin. I missed you so.

I see you've been very busy with your musical endeavors, and that you haven't improved in the least. Worry not, compadre! I've taken the time to clean out all of the trashy compositions from your otherwise flawless musical resume. No need to thank me, I'm just doing my good friend Kirbyfighter a favor!

By the by, friend, allow me to give you a sage piece of advice: DON'T MAKE YOUR PASSWORD SO BLOODY OBVIOUS, YOU IDIOT.

Best regards,

Beatrice the Gold.

MGS 3:Snake Eater (8-bit mix) Listens:1,192 /277724

Fire Emblem:Power-Hungry Fool Listens: 1,734 /276008

Bleach- Alones (Piano) Listens: 1,460 /271093

Fullmetal Alchemist - Melissa Listens: 1,027 /270500

Zelda Molgera Battle(remix) Listens: 1,119 /262625

--------------WHAT OVER 2,000??!?!?!?!?!?!------------

Bleach- Rolling Star Listens: 2,015 /271225

Bleach~Will of the heart Piano Listens: 2,296 /251996
Thank you all for listening to my stuff!!!
....but wow I never thought I'd hit 2,000+.......

APRIL, 22 , 2011


2011-04-21 10:06:55 by kirbyfighter12

I learned how to program sound from a SNES sound card, as well as some of its games ((i only use ones that aren't playable..) I gotten the hang of programming songs onto it, note by note... D:
still alot better than any synthesizers that try and emulate it...

Chiptune Time!

2011-04-18 07:04:00 by kirbyfighter12

I'm having fun with these Chippy Instruments!

Favorited by 50 reached!

2011-02-03 06:18:49 by kirbyfighter12

I am currently favorited by 50 users!
(actuallly right now it's 51)
Currently going into More Electrionical Music rather than classical.
Using Paterns is verey helpful with these!

Current Programs Being Used:
Fl Studio 9 Producer edition


2011-01-28 11:31:53 by kirbyfighter12


Orchestral Composition Time!

2011-01-05 09:54:59 by kirbyfighter12

'sup newgrounds! To Start off teh new Year, I'm going to Compose Various Video Game themes in a nice Orchestral Format, some will be a Re-Vamp.
THemes so far
Molgera Battle [Orchestra]

Next Up:
SSBM- Fire Emblem

Loop times

2010-12-19 12:32:06 by kirbyfighter12

from this point on I will be making short loops.
Unless requested to make a song mix, This is my desicion.


2010-10-30 12:37:56 by kirbyfighter12

"View users with you on their Favorite Artists list! (40)" That's right. Today I reached 40 users! :D
Thanks for favoring me peeps. :D